Popular Songs Re-Written as Shakespearean Sonnets #1: R. Kelly and Usher - Same Girl


Fair Usher, I would have a word with thee.
– Pray, Kells, tell all; I’ll gladly hear thee speak.
I’ve met a maid whose aspect charmeth me.
She’s named T.T. and hath a rosy cheek.
– Alack! Black day! This cannot be the truth!
What sayest thou? Thy homie bids thee tell!
– I too have bed this wench; my phone holds proof!
My heart, it burns with all the fires of hell!
– R. Kelly, friend, we must avenge this slight.
I’ll call her up, and thou wilt stay concealed;
She’ll get into the airport late tonight;
We’ll ambush her and all will be revealed!
O what a wicked, cruel, and heartless churl!
To think that we had messed with the same girl!


Wrong. Not in iambic pentameter. Re-write!

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    Only if they’ve actually been dating twins. One of whom is a twin brother. Actually, come to think of it - how far...
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    The best conversation on my dash today. Also, no one’s pointed out that this is a totally legit plot for a Shakespeare...
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    Guys, it’s not like Shakespeare got it perfect every time. In fact, he purposefully didn’t, and neither does this —...
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    Possibly getting tripped up by “revealed” and “concealed” as two syllable words? I would probably have written them as...
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    Am I missing something? Seems like iambic pentameter to me…
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    Wrong. Not in iambic pentameter. Re-write!
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    standing ovation.
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